HaloGlow - Cycle & Helmets

Haloglow keeps you safe and visible in the dark with the most efficient, brightest and strongest safety Helmets, Vests and Jackets.

Haloglow’s optic fiber enables you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A unique side light capability means you can be seen from all directions at night. Over 70% of nighttime biking accidents are related to poor side visibilty.
  • Our fiber provides a soft light, which does not flash, glare or dazzle.
  • Attractive daytime appearance with a colored central stripe.
  • Our fiber is washable, weather proof, water resistant and does not deteriorate in sunshine or a wide range of temperatures.
  • Our fiber is made from non-toxic, REACH approved, extremely safe material. CE/EMC/RoHS compliant.
  • Can be covered with luminous white cloth and one or two side tags for sticking or seaming.

We can modify our products to suit your requirements or allow us to Haloglow your own safety products. Please contact us here.


Haloglow combines the power of fiber optic technology with LEDs, to provide entertaining, visible and safe products.

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