Haloglow’s unique optic fibre can be seamed into your jackets, caps and other safety items. 

Compared to other lighting technology the light on Haloglowed outerwear does not discolour or dazzle. The light is powered by standard by standard cell batteries that are easily replaced. Haloglowed outerwear is unique due to:

  • A side light capability that means you can be seen from all directions at night.
  • Attractive daytime appearance with a colored central stripe.
  • Our fiber is washable, weather proof, water resistant and does not deteriorate in sunshine or a wide range of temperatures.
  • Our fiber is made from non-toxic, REACH approved, extremely safe material. CE/EMC/RoHS compliant.
  • Comes with one or two side tags for gluing or seaming.

Choose from our standard range or let us haloglow yours! Please contact us here. Haloglow Safety Vests, Safety Cone and Safety Triangle: